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Local Content Available at your Fingertips

04/18/2012, 1:09pm CDT
By Lacrosse of Minnesota

Players and Parents can have Local Content for all of their Games

Lacrosse of MN brings new access to content for Players, Fans and Parents

Lacrosse of Minnesota Mobile Interface

Mobile Interface Preview

Lacrosse of Minnesota has launched a comprehensive site that will allow lacrosse players, parents and fans to access information about all levels of this growing sport.  Our goal is to work with all of the major leagues and associations in Minnesota, from Youth to Professional to help aggregate information in one easy to use place.  

We also want to provide content for players and parents to keep them informed both about how the lacrosse world works and where there are opportunities to play, better your game, or watch.

Lacrosse of Minnesota is also offering new capabilities to get the information that you are looking for around games and practices.  You will see buttons throughout the site that encourage you to "Get Local Content".  

Our new Local Content Network - known as the OFFERBANK will allow you to connect on your phone, iPad, or computer to easy to use content related to the team schedule you are following.  You don't need an app, everything is easily done in your browser.  

During the entire UMLL 2012 playoffs and MBSLA Youth season, you can access Local Content through each team's game schedule.This will include

  • Team information (Rosters, Schedules, Team Stats, News)
  • Directions to your next event
  • Easy access to news related to lacrosse at all levels
  • Information about injuries and where to go if you need help
  • Easy to search for Content that are the things you typically are looking for before or after the game 
    • Coffee Shops
    • Places to Eat
    • Gas Stations
    • Sporting Goods stores for those last minute needs
    • Channels created by leading brands
  • Local offers from providers near your games and practices (Coming Soon)

The Mobile platform lets you follow multiple teams across associations and switch back and forth with ease between teams for busy households who are tracking multiple schedules.  

Lacrosse of Minnesota is dedicated to helping build the game of lacrosse and to supporting the associations who make all of this possible.  A portion of all revenue generated through the offers that will appear in the tool will go back to your home associations. 

We hope these tools will simplify things for parents by helping you get the information you need by just picking the teams you want to follow either directly from their current game schedules that you look at in the website, or by choosing them from easy dropdowns on your mobile phone. 

By clicking on the Get Local Content button in game schedules you will seamlessly  join our Local Content Network.  We will send you a text that gives you a link to the content platform on your phone, or you can just type in the URL into you phone.

We will use the same login (your NGIN account) that you use to login to the website or likely to an association site.  Simply become a member of Lacrosse of Minnesota and you will be able to access all of the local offers.  If you are not an NGIN member sign up to  become a member of the Lacrosse of Minnesota site is Easy.

We will be adding content and new partner channels all of the time.  We also are committed to improving the usability of the tools so we would appreciate your comments and thoughts.

Feel free to e-mail your comments to:


Click Here to try following all of your teams

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